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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am trying to get into a Labor & Delivery Nurse Resident program. I am an ADN, graduating with my BSN this October. Would there be any benefit for me to take continuing education such as fetal heart monitoring prior to my application and hiring process?

Dear Wants L&D Residency,

Congratulations on your upcoming BSN!

L&D residencies are a sought-after position. Depending on your location, it can be competitive to land a spot.

I checked with a respected colleague of mine who is an L&D nurse manager. It certainly won't hurt to take some continuing education, and it can be seen as showing initiative. Typically, though, most hospitals will provide you with AHWONN Fetal Monitoring courses as part of orientation.

You say you have your ADN already, which makes me wonder if you are already working as an RN. I'm going to assume that you have not already worked in acute care, as that usually disqualifies you for a residency.

Let's say you qualify. Getting hired depends on how well you interview , so make sure you are well prepared for your interviews.

Your resume , though, is what lands you interviews. Make sure it captures their attention so you stand out from all the other applicants and land a chance to WOW! them in person!

If you do not get into L&D but are offered a residency position in another unit in a reputable hospital, take it. You will always be able to apply to L&D in the future.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth