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New Grad unable to find a job

I graduated last May and took the boards july 15 and passed. Now i am having difficulty finding work. The new grad programs at different hospitals started already and the next ones begin in February/March. I have offers at Nursing homes but the hospitals with new grad programs told me that if I take the nursing home job I would be considered ineligble for the new grad program because I will be considered an "experienced" nurse. I don't know what to do anymore. I wanted to work in a hospital but they wont hire me, and if i work in a nursing home they will say i cant apply to the new grad program. any suggestions?

What area do you work in? I know in my area it has been hard for me to find another job. Most of the hospitals here promote their techs/externs to RN positions. That is how I got my job at my hospital and I know people from my class that couldn't get jobs that weren't externs.

From what I have heard... the summer is a bad time to look for a job. There is a surge of nurses from graduations and then also census for hospitals is usually low during the summer and they look at cutting back.

Keep trying I am sure you will find something!!

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