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So while in the ADN program I had the mentality of "let me get through this and I will worry about getting a job when I know I made it through nursing school". Well, luckily, I am now getting ready to take the NCLEX and I am starting to think about jobs. I have never worked in the medical field and have no experience. Sadly, I couldn't get a job as a PCA while in school (to get a foot in the door) because I had nobody to watch my daughter while I went to work. So now I am trying to figure out how this new job situation will work out for me. So here are some concerns I have:

1. A lot of the Cleveland hospitals hire only BSN's, others want experience, so it only leaves a few choices. How do I compete with the other million new grads?

2. Cleveland Clinic I heard only offers night/day rotating shifts.

3. How does a person make that work? I figured with my hubby being on day shift, I could work nights and be there in the AM to get our daughter on the bus, sleep a few hours, and be there to pick her up fro the bus, then hubby gets home and I go to work. If I have to alternate day/night, it will not work with our life schedule. How does the Clinic expect people to switch their lives around every month or so?

4. Considering the above dilemma, do you guys know what hospitals offer steady night shifts for new grads?

Ok, I guess that is enough questions for now. I really hope I get some good suggestions, advice, etc. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Metro is one that offers straight shifts. I thought the Clinic offered some straight off shifts also, but that may have changed. That being said, most of your orientation will be on day shift so that you get all the experiences you need and classes you need. Apply to the hospitals and see what happens. If they have met their BSN quota for the year then they will hire ADN. Some will require you to have your BSN within a certain timeframe.


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Thank you very much for the advice. I see you are a NICU Gal :)... I think I might want NICU, but again, all my favorite areas are specialties that are hard to get into as a new grad. Oh, well. I guess we will see.


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I started at EMH (now UH Elyria) as a new grad.

One thing to keep in mind is you usually train on days.


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Some dept in Ccf may have rotating shifts but I've never met a person that has to work that.

Most shifts are 12 hour either 7 a or 7p.

ER dept has prime shifts like 3-3 or 11-11.

Right now there is a budget rut, not too many dept hiring at many hospitals.

Keep an open mind. Maybe your first job won't be a hospital. Mine wasn't. Experience is experience.

Dialysis centers are popping up everywhere. There's another option.

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