New grad on sub acute 3rd shift


New grand on sub acute rehab and my nurse that is orientation me is on a power trip! Ugh!

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OK, I need clarification. You are a new grad(not grand) on a sub acute unit, and the preceptor is on a power trip?? What is your definition of "power trip?" Is the preceptor degrading you in public, telling you that you are not doing things right etc? Please give more info!!! It could be that the preceptor did not want to do the precepting but was assigned to do it. That can make a huge difference in how the orientation process goes. Give a few more details please!!

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What is the question?


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No she actually loves being the preceptor! Just belittling and condescending! It was a bad night I ended up saying something back to her and she changed her attitude. I don't want to cause waves but I a old (39) and don't have the patience for people who are supposed to be helping me, talking down to me. The CNA's say she's like that. She knows more than anyone.