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New Grad Struggles

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by atxgirly atxgirly (New) New Nurse

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Hi everyone! 

Typical new nurse rant here, just wanted to share my experience/concerns and just rant a little...

I've been a nurse now for 10 months, and off orientation for about 7. I'm having a difficult time fitting in with my coworkers and it's been a challenge to even make conversation with most of them. I was put on days and I feel like most of the nurses are experienced and have been around for at least a couple of years (3-5 ish). I am 1 of 2 newbies on days and something just feels totally off. I've tried for the past several months to engage my coworkers  and get to know them a little better, but I always get short responses and/or a lack of response. I'm the type of person that acknowledges people if I pass by them or walk into a room and just ask how they're doing! I'm generally friendly and open to conversation, but I don't feel like it's received well by other nurses. I find it really difficult to ask Qs sometimes, and it pushes me out of my comfort zone to ask the charge nurses to help me if I'm slammed with new orders or admission/discharges. They always make excuses as to why they can't help with vitals if we have no CA, or talking to an upset parent, helping me with whatever I may need.

I'm always getting assigned the most admits/discharges while the rest of them sit around chit chatting all shift, taking an hour long lunch break, etc. Whenever they're gathered around the charge's office or in the break room and I walk by, they all look at me and get really quiet. I sometimes will leave the break room if they're all eating lunch together bc it's so unbearable at this point. 

Also, they are always throwing lake parties with half of the other nurses, taking ski trips, going out, etc and never have I once been invited. Some will even call out sick on days they're having a day party because they really want to go, which means more pts for the rest of us:-)

I'm just really frustrated bc my other cohort that is on nights is LOVING their work environment. They are all super close and love to hang out together after work. I just feel lost/why the hell did I get myself into this career because I literally have NO support from most nurses at work. I feel excluded and they treat me like I don't belong. However, I do like a few people, so when I do get to work with them, I feel much more at ease. But for the most part, I feel like an outcast. 

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speedynurse is a RN, EMT-P and specializes in ER.

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I am sorry that you are unsupported in your work environment - it is an awful feeling as a new graduate nurse.

1. In all honesty - some units are just like that. Maybe everyone is unhappy with their jobs....maybe there are cliques....maybe it is a perception issue.

2. You mentioned another new grad on days with you - have you talked with her about these issues to see if she is dealing with the same concerns?

3. It sounds like nights are a better, more compatible team. Do you think you could move to nights or are you willing to move to nights if you felt more supported?

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I hate when that happens. It is the worst feeling ever. I had it happen once last year. It bothered me more than I like to admit. I am sorry, hopefully you get to work with the cool ones more often than not. 

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