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Hey, I'm a nursing student starting at Watt's School of Nursing in Durham this coming January. I was wondering what the starting salary is like for all of the Duke Hospitals (Duke University, Durham Regional, or Raleigh Duke Hospital) I know that it would go either up or down by the time I graduate but I just wanted to get the feel for it so me and my husband can decide whither or not to buy a home :) Thank you

Oh, and if anyone has attended Watts could you tell me a bit what the schedule is like? Day/Night times? Academics? Etc... Thanks!


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Hi, I don't know much about the salaries for the Duke Med hospitals but I can give you some insight to Watts. I just started the nursing portion this July! I'm in the first cohort for the new curriculum. So far I am loving it. We go mostly Mon-Thurs, I have one friday that I have to go this semester. First week was all orientation, the next two weeks were class from 9-3, Mon-Thurs. Then is switches to where you will have lab either Mon or Tues (depending on what group you are in) and then the other day you will be at your clinical sight. For example, I go to lab from 8-11 (skill practice in mock setting) on Mondays and in a few weeks we will be starting clinicals sights Tuesday but for a few weeks we just do skills lab on both Mon and Tues. We have three clinical rotations, mine is three weeks at Forest at Duke, then three weeks in the peds nursery at Durham Regional then three weeks at White Oak Manor in Burlington. All of those will be on Tuesdays from 8-2:30. Class will be two days a week on Wed and Thurs. So for me Mon-lab, Tues-clinical, Wed & Thur class. We have a test about every two weeks. So far i'm really enjoying it an it's a great school and you get the sense that the instructors really care about your success.

I was a bit nervous about being the guinea pig for a new curriculm but I think it will work out well.

Let me know if you have any other questions and maybe I can help!:nurse:


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I'm in Charlotte and don't know what it is for Duke but ours is $19.65/hr for inpatient, 18.25/hr for out patient, +$3/hr for weekends, +$4/hr for nights, +$7/hr for weekend nights.

Hope that helps!


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the bigger question is getting a job as a newbie rn these days, it can be very tough in this economy. there's basically no "nursing shortage" for inexperienced nurses at the moment.

forgot to add, $20 an hr give or take, plus shift diffs is typical n the state.


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It is my understanding that Duke Hospital is hiring all its Duke and Watts grads this year even if there are no open positions. Obviously there are no guarantees about where they place you. I am not sure what the new grad pay is...I think it is probably around $20/hour plus shift differential pay

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