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New grad in sacramento

by mezapanta mezapanta (New) New

I graduated and got my ADN in November 2009, and passed the NCLEX in January 2010. I have not yet found a job in the Sacramento area. Any tips? I have a 2 month old baby boy and I am ready to start working!

CHW has new grad positions open at a bunch of Sac area hospitals right now. Unfortunately, they are inundated with applicants. As a Sac native, however, I'll bet you'll get some pull. Good luck!!

I tried applying for CHW yesterday, but for some reason the website was not working when I tried uploading my resume. Now that I tried applying today... it says there arent anymore new grad positions anymore =( I am bummed!

Just a tip... for CHW (and a few others) online applications, don't use Firefox. I can use Safari and get the apps in, but I think its designed for Internet Explorer.

Took me quite a few frustrating afternoons before I figured that one out!!

chw posts new positions in sac usually on monday and thursdays afternoons...i work in the ER (not as a nurse), but they do always post and change positions