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I can't remember where I saw this but there was a post about a new grad who passed the NCLEX and couldn't find a job but got a job offer to be an aide. I'm just curious if anyone has considered doing this while looking for new grad RN jobs? I've noticed that everyone I know who worked as an aide through nursing school immediately got an RN job at the hospital they worked at, and I'm afraid since I haven't worked as an aide that I will not be able to find a job. In the worst case scenerio, would it be really wierd to apply for an aide job at the hospital I am interested in even if I'm already an RN? Would it be looked down upon? What do you all think?


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If it means the difference between being able to pay your living expenses and moving into the streets, I would definitely take it. But that doesn't mean one should not continue to actively pursue an RN job, particularly at the hospital that employs one as an assistant.

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I thought there was a potential issue with working "beneath" your license. That in theory you could be held to a higher standard of care.

Perhaps I am talking crapola...but there was another thread about this somewhere.


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Yes, you are held to the higher standard of care. That is a drawback as well as having an employer that takes advantage of you by asking you to perform RN duties for CNA pay, and continually "forgetting" to provide you with an RN job. But if one is desperate enough to work as an assistant instead of being unemployed, that is usually not a deterrent. All the more reason to make certain that your is in place. There have been plenty of threads on this topic, as most topics over the years. These threads can be found by searching the site.


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I didn't think about that, thanks!

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I'm a graduate nurse working as an aide. Although I have a job lined up, orientation doesn't start for another couple of weeks, and I can't go that long without a paycheck, so I'm still working as a tech to make ends meet. It would be a good way to get your foot in the door someplace, though. Just be sure not to misrepresent yourself. Tell them you would like an RN job, but if that isn't possible, would be willing to work as an aide until one becomes available.

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