New Grad RN relocating to get experience affect wage when we come back?


Does anyone know if I relocate to another state to get experience (which I will be getting paid less than what I would get if I started near home), when I come back as a clinical nurse 2, will I be paid less than other clinical nurse 2's who have started their careers here? Sorry if this question is confusing. In other words, do hospitals look at experienced nurses previous wage at their old hospital and start them off based on that? Or do hospitals pay experienced nurses based on their level of experience? Thanks.

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They might try to get away with paying you a little less, but if you know the market, you have a better chance of negotiating a fair offer.


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Not if the hospital is a union hospital. Also I have never heard of hospitals paying less based on previous pay. Your current market dictates pay more than anything else as a staff nurse. Executive pay is a little different.

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They probably won't base your pay on previous pay, but you might earn a little less because you will have less seniority at that facility. Some employers reward employees who work continuously for them over people with experience somewhere else. But the difference would probably be small.