New grad RN--PA school? Advice pretty please :)


I just graduated in December from my RN/BSN program. I started my job as a Staff RN in an ICU in the beginning of February. I have always known I wanted to go back to school, but I am starting to realize that I have the itch to go back sooner than I had expected. Of course, being in Nursing school and everything, I had originally thought mostly about being an NP.

However, I am noticing that I am more drawn to the medical model (don't get me wrong, I love the nursing model as well, and I do enjoy being a nurse), and therefore I am thinking of applying to PA school. I'm worried that Nurses might look at me in a bad light, since I am choosing the PA route instead of the NP route. I personally think it would be cool to have both perspectives when delivering care. Does anyone have any honest advice to give me? Have you ever known someone who was an RN/PA, and is it something I should go for? Thanks in advance!



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i dont kno anyone that went that route. i do admire your desire to have both the nursing model and medical model.

congratulations on finishing school. and good luck in whatever you decide!


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I am a RN that is starting PA school this fall. Most programs want 1800+ hours of direct patient care (not counting nursing school). Some programs prereqs require premed classes and GRE/MCAT, while others do not. Majority of these programs do not allow you to work while in school compared to NP progams which do you might want to think about how you can pay for school if you go the PA route. Majority of the RNs are very supportive of my decision. We have had the honor of working with very smart compasionate PAs and NPs in our ED. Great thing is that you have already been exposed to nursing. Bottom line is to enjoy what you do!


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Actually I have 2 friends that are a PA and one of them was a PA first and then she went to nursing school. They both agree that in Nursing school you learn more, it's more indepth than PA school. So judging from that I would say that you have a good heads up if you are considering going that route.

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so.... i graduated from a master's PA program in 97- with LOTS of prior healthcare experience. i have just finished my bsn and will start my msn (cnm and whnp) in may (yes, i was able to get some course work waived). i couldn't be a midwife as a pa so... when i am very old i don't want to say 'i wish i had...' so back to school i went.

i don't agree that i learned more in, or that nursing school taught me "more"- it taught me something different. being an rn and being a pa are different- not better or worse. {please don't flame me!!!}

there were a number of rns in my program- and if people choose to look down on you because you chose a path different than what they would, that's sad for them. we're each unique!!!

i encourage you to explore all your options and follow your heart.:balloons:

have a WONDERFUL life...

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