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Hi! I am graduating with my BSN in NY next month and my plan has been to relocate to Austin after graduation. However, I am finding it really difficult to find any jobs. I'm interested in the nurse residency programs at Ascension and St. David's...but having a hard time getting info on whether or not they will be having fall cohorts. Does anyone have any insight regarding these programs or for new grads in general who are looking for jobs in Austin without knowing anyone there? Any information or advice would help!!

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Austin is hard to find a job even with experience. There are multiple nursing schools in the area churning out new grads every few months. Austin is on a hot spot of places to live and is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Nursing jobs are heavily competed for and tend to pay less than other areas in Texas because of this. Covid19 has made the job market for new grads all but dry up in most major cities. Many places are canceling residencies all together until the pandemic is over. There is a huge surge going on in Austin at this time.

You would do far better to work a year or two where you live now and then try to move. There will be more opportunities with a couple of years under your belt than you will ever find in Austin as a new grad. Absolutely do not move without a firm job offer in writing with a start date named and your salary worked out.



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Hey there! I am graduating in August and have been on the lookout for the RN residencies in Austin as well. Although I have not heard anything from Seton, I spoke with a nurse recruiter from St. David's that was hopeful applications for the October cohort would be posted by the beginning of August. This was back in May though, so things may have changed. There is also a waitlist you can sign up for to receive updates for St. David's! Here is the link:

I am also interested if anyone has anymore info about Seton or St. David's Fall RN residencies!