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New Grad RN job offer !


Specializes in Hemodialysis.

Hello all, seeking some advise on a job offer I just received from one of the big two dialysis organizations.

I am a new grad in a over saturated ohio job market. Through out nursing school I have worked as a dialysis technician and have very much enjoyed my job.

I received an offer earlier this week for identical pay as new grads are making in the local hospitals with pretty good hours. I plan to accept this Monday. This is an internal transfer.

But..... I feel like I could squeeze a slightly higher salary out of them. Do you think that there is any room for salary negotiation?

The unit I have received the job offer from is currently shorted staffed and in need of another RN. Would trying to push them another $1-2 be crazy for a new grad to do?

If you think it is reasonable any suggestions on how I can approach the subject?

No harm in asking - worst case is they say no

Chisca, RN

Specializes in Dialysis. Has 37 years experience.

Make a committment to stay a year for the increase in salary. Always remember there is a reason that experienced nurses are leaving the particular clinic you are interested in. I would want to know what the reason is.