New Grad RN- Drowning in overloaded LTC setting- LOW STAFFING!


I just got hired into a LTC/REHAB/SNF and I HATE IT. I want a hospital job but no one wants new grads. SO I took this job, got basically no orientation at it, and get thrown out on a floor with 33 patients all by myself. No other nurses on to help (afternoon, evening) and have to pass at least 3 upwards of 15 meds to each one. How can anyone do this? It was a 4 hour shift but they wanted me to do 8 so I said no. I had less than 8 minutes per patient. That includes all charting, all med passing, crushing, feeding the slow ones, waking people up, taking vitals, doing blood sugars, drawing up insulin, EVERYTHING. How can anyone do this? It's so not safe! I was prepared to get like 10 patients leaving school but 33!? I don't know what to do. I have an interview at a hospital and orient for a PRN position soon at another SNF. I want to just quit this place. Their turnover is ridiculous and they're never properly staffed. I got no orientation and there's always meds that don't come from the pharmacy, not enough supplies, patients getting admitted without rx's or continuity. I wanna cry every day at work. I have nightmares about getting new admissions. What can I do? What should I do? I am worried my license is in danger working here because it's too much work for any one person to do and especially me, greener than grass! How do I quit? What do I say to the DON?:confused::crying2: I feel like the worst nurse in the world.


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I would give my notice! :uhoh21: I am really sorry to think about what you are having to handle.

I've been working at assisted living for a year, which is my first job, and I did it because I noticed the understaffing at the SNFs we were at. Some of my classmates took jobs at these after the program... and left as soon as possible.

Your health matters as well as the residents--as well as your license. This home sounds like it should be shut down because it is unsafe!


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Give a notice like the previous poster said, talk to the DON, he/she might let you go on the spot or finish your shift. Whatever you do GET OUT. Thats to much for a new grad. Im also a new grad and got hired at a dialysis clinic but didnt feel comfortable or safe because of the lack of orientation and training so I left. Now Im working for a hospital on the psychiatric floor taking care up to 15 pts, but theres always another RN and a tech sometimes 2.

I would definitely talk to your supervisor first, and calmly because you may need the reference if there aren't many other jobs available.


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Run. Its just a SNF. Its not worth your license.


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my friend, an lpn, got 60 pts fresh outta school, he quit and went to school for his Rn, sure would make him unhappy to think he could be right back in the same situation, new grad RN hiring is hard here too! I would run, try to get some home health assignments and prn at the hospital till you can get in, meet the higher ups and politic when you are there, it is really who you know for new grads now adays.


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you're lucky, our hospitals for the most part don't hire lpn's.


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Wow, I would run away from this place stat!!!! It is not safe and your well being is important as well as your license. I don't see any reason to stay in such place as this one. Shame on facilities like this, how can anyone put up with conditions like this.


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Very unsafe to your patients and to your license!! The two SNF I worked at as a CNA had LPNs and Medication Techs to do med passes, blood sugars, etc., and the CNAS did the vital signs and waking people up to get them up and ready for the day. The RNs we had were supervisors, usually one on days and one for the evenings. I am sorry about your first experience as a nurse, hope it gets better for you.


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Thanks guys. I will be giving my notice today. I figured if the DON cared about me or wanted me there she'd have trained me and given me decent staffing. I'm not throwing away my life and license for this job especially since I have another one. I just feel so stupid. What should I say to the DON?


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She has me off the schedule the next 2 weeks and on the schedule for NOV- DEC. I will tell her I guess that those 2 weeks are my two weeks and not to assign me any more days, I can't keep living like this. I have nightmares about work and can't sleep at night. I feel like my heart is pounding every time I think about work and I'm constantly afraid to make a mistake but have no time to be careful there.


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Give your two weeks notice like a professional and move on. I agree with dreamer, it's just an SNF. Facilities like that can never hold on to people and I doubt they will be surprised that you're leaving. I doubt that they will put much thought into it or even care. If they do, consider yourself lucky that you're gone.

Figure out what you didn't like about the place so that when you go to your interviews you can be aware of clues about what kind of facility you are interviewing at.

Have a good, legitimate, and highly professional explanation for you potential employer about why you left your job. Please do not say something like you were afraid you were putting your license at risk. Lot's of nurses, especially new, seem to say that but I'm not sure what it means -- if you want to address that end of things, (which I wouldn't if I were you) you can say that you didn't want a patient to come to harm on your watch.

The way to flip that in an interview so it is appropriate to discuss is to say you want to work in a facility where you feel you have the resources to provide high quality, safe nursing care.

Good luck!