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new grad RN, adn

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omg so i am a new grad passed my nclex-rn on july30th in nyc and what do you know its tough out here they all want bsn does anyone know if any hospital in the nyc /westcher area are hiring. i have been applying since may and no call back. i am even considering nj, or ct i just want to get my nursing career started. who knew nursing school stress would be on the same level as finding a job...

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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who knew nursing school stress would be on the same level as finding a job...
The NYC nursing job market's been rough for several years. Even some of us who are not located in NY knew. Good luck to you!

malamud69, ADN, BSN, EMT-B

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Try White Plains Hospital. ..they use the propaganda about "bsn only" for their magnet status dog and pony show, but when it comes to filling those dreaded night spots...wow! Magically "licensed" seems to be adequate. ...the trick is getting a face to face meeting. ..you can apply online forever...good luck! Be bold!

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Look upstate or in rural areas. NYC hospitals have too many BSNs to pick from so they have little incentive to take in ASNs unless u already work in the hospital in another capacity, know someone high up that works there, or have RN experience and enrolled in BsN. As two managers I interviewed with Iin 2012 said: they prefer people who went all the way and got their BsN, it wouldnt b fair to hire someone who took a "shortcut" and only has ASN. This and hospitals want magnet status so they need BSNs. If u have an ASN, your only way in is to have exceptional experience (which most new grads have none ), or have a foot in the door by already working there or knowing a hospital director.

Def try rural and upstate though. There is less competition there so having as ASN instead of a BSN wouldn't be a big deal.