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Hi everyone! I'm currently an LVN graduating with my RN in May. I have one year experience (on and off/PRN) in Med-Surge at a skilled nursing facility. I'm confident in my time management, load management, I'm a great student and a safe nurse. I'm not confident in a lot of nursing skills, though. After a while I was getting patient ratios of 15:1 and I felt pretty unsafe, because I was the most "seasoned" nurse there, (skilled, not LTC). 

I really want to get into a residency but I hear nothing but bad things. I had great rotations at HCA, but everyone seems to hate HCA. 
Another option I was looking at was Methodist, wondering if their residency is any better? (It seems like a lot of hospitals want BSN new grads.)
I'm really looking at a residency because I want to have proper policies and procedures training and feel competent in my nursing. I want to be trained into a hospital. I do not want any more half training like SNFs, (NO offense to anyone who works at one, I just didn't get a ton of good training. My trainers did not like their job and took too many shortcuts, they hardly even looked at the patients..)

If I don't take a residency, what are the other options? Is it a good idea to take up training outside of a hospital? 

Thank you!


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Methodist residency is very good. HCA residency is OK BUT you will be tied into a 2 year commitment with HCA. I have worked with both hospital groups and will be happy to answer specific questions via PM

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Hi! I am in similar boat. I am applying for a graduate nurse residency. I was offered a job with Medical City Arlington, but I also had an interview with Methodist Charlton. I don't know which one would be best.