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I am doing my second interview for a nurse residency program next week which is a panel interview with several nurse managers. I know that it will have scenarios and I was wondering how to prepare or for any examples of scenario questions.

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I had an interview and they had limited scenario questions. ?More like:

Describe a situation where a patient got angry, what would you do?

Describe a time to made a different at patient care and went above and beyond what is required for the job.

Recall a time you had a conflict with your coworker and describe what you did.

Stuff along those lines. The way they worded it really made it difficult. It really depends on the floor to are applying too, mine was med-surg. But if its nurses doing the interview..I'm sure there would be some conflict questions. My friend had an ICU GN interview and it had a lot of difficult case study questions. Know the big guns - CVA/stroke, cardiac arrest, hypertension,diabetes, ventillation/trachs, lab values care of comatose pt/unresponsive pt. etc.

Search allnurses, I saw a thread posted by theCommuter that had lots of questions. Good luck.