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I recently graduated an RN program in Southern California, but it is nearly impossible for a new grad to find work here. I would possibly relocate to AZ. Does anyone know about New grad programs in AZ? any info would be helpful.

Good luck! New grad jobs are hard to find here, too. Mayo's application cycle has ended, Scottsdale is only taking internal applicants, Banner isn't touching new grads at all I hear, and I'm waiting to see if St. Joe's or Phoenix Children's will have a program opening up soon. Sorry, wish I could be of more help. Just don't ask about pay rates on this board or you'll get shredded by the holier than thou's :lol2:

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Abrazo actually just started a new grad program (one of the few left in the Valley). I know three new grads who recently got hired. I believe they filled this run, but I would get your name in the pool if possible.

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I wish I had seen this post earlier. Flagstaff Medical Center recently opened a new grad program. They offer it twice yearly, so it will open again in March. I just completed it, and it is a phenomenal training program. I really feel as though I got the orientation I needed. For our July class there were 32 of us. Not a huge amount, but FMC is a great place, and Flagstaff is a cool place to live.

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I have a phone screening with them for the new grad program. I have read stuff online that is really negative about FMC, but all of these negative comments are not from FMC staff. Im confused what to think since I've heard both positive and negative, and being that I am a new grad I do need a supportive environment (and I REALLY want to move to flagstaff!!). any suggestions?

Also Im looking to go into ICU, but Im not sure if they take new grads there.

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also all these posts are 4 yrs old

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