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I am in the process of applying for the new grad RN program at the hospital I currently work at. For the cover letter I don't know if I should address it to the HR person accepting the applications or the director for the unit I would like to work on. The application is a general one as new grads can be hired into any area and we select our top 4 preferences. Also I have had various healthcare related jobs since 2008. Do I include all these with clinical experiences or how far do I go back? Finally I will be doing a senior practicum starting in September but won't know for at least a few more weeks where. I know my 2 choices I put down, so do I include this also or not? Sorry I'm just confused as this resume is so different than other ones I've done & I really want to stand out. Thanks!

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In terms of hiring, knowing that you've had healthcare positions since 2008 would give more weight in my mind than just list of clinical rotations so list them. List specialized practicum upon completion, highlight that on coversheet if desired nursing position upon graduation

Best wishes completing school.