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What is the starting pay for new grads RN's in the Boston area?? Thanks for all replies.


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were you asking about rns or lpn? im also from ma and im starting the lpn program sept 05 cant wait. but i was also wondering the same thing


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Specializes in ED, Cardiac Medicine, Retail Health.

I was referring to RN's, but I am curios about LVN's also. Congrats on school. Before you know it Sep will be here.


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I'm a new RN grad and have been on many interviews. The average pay for hospital RN is 22-23/hour. LTC 22-24/hour, home care 22-30/hour, office 16-18. Good luck in your job search.


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I work at a large teaching hospital (new grad since December '03) at $25/hr.

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