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New grad 2 part time positions

Hello fellow nurses!

I am a new graduate and was just offered two part time positions in LTC. I was wondering if it would be smart of me to take on both. I have no commitments like a family, children, or a husband. So, I feel like I would be able to take both jobs at once. But I am scared that orientation and scheduling would be a big issue?? And if so, how do I go about this? Do I talk to the employer that I do have another job to make things easier? This is my first real "grown up" job :shy:!

Job opportunities where I live right now are pretty rare I really don't want to jeopardize anything. :nailbiting:

Thanks a lot!!

I would only take on two part time jobs if the scheduled shifts for both do not overlap and you have enough down time between shifts. You can try to talk to your employer about scheduling your shifts in a fashion that would accommodate the second job...but remember, your employers hire you to fill a need. If you can't fulfill your commitment, you don't get a job. Look into a prn position if you want a second job--it may work out better.

For a new nurse, I would not recommend this. For extra hours, you often can pick up extra work time in your regular job.

Unless one of the jobs is per diem where you schedule you own shifts, there is bound to be a scheduling conflict. Most jobs don't hire new grads for per diem. With two jobs, you are responsible for all of the yearly competency testing (doubled), holiday scheduling requirements(doubled as well) and weekend requirements.

Work for a while first. Get a sense of your energy level and need for downtime.


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