New Grad - OR Job Interview Tomorrow!


Hi All,

I'll be graduating with my BSN a week from Friday, and I have my first interview tomorrow as a circulating nurse in the OR. It is my dream to work in the OR! I had an internship in the OR last summer, and that's where I decided I wanted to work there someday. I am actually moving out of state; I live in Illinois but I am moving to Pennsylvania this summer, and I am so happy to have been offered an interview in PA.

Is there anything I should make sure I am prepared for tomorrow? I have been researching about the hospital for the past couple days, as well as possible interview questions. I have quite a list that I have written down to prepare for! I want to try my best not to be caught off guard. Should I tell them it is my first interview, especially if I become nervous? Right now I'm more excited than nervous :)

Are there any questions I should make sure to ask, or make sure not to ask, tomorrow? Also, what are the main qualities an interviewer is looking for in a future OR nurse? I believe I fit the criteria from what I have experienced over the past summer, and even the nurses I worked with thought I would be great in the OR. I just keep telling myself that since I am a new grad, and I'm currently out of state, that I must possess some quality they are looking for... maybe it is my internship experience or my confidence. I just really want my qualities to shine through and show them that I have what it takes!

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Did you get the job? How was the interview? How much training will you receive?


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How was it? I am an experienced nurse from PA trying to get into the OR with no luck. Was actually thinking of relocating.


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How did it go?

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