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Im a new grad nurse passed my board two months ago and i have an interview for a Periop nurse program with a hospital on tuesday. I'm actually pretty nervous and was wondering what type of questions i should expect them to ask me. I have to go through two interviews, the first is a group interview with a staff nurse, a clinical educator, and the director of periop. If i make it through that interview then i go on to a one on one interview with the leadership of Periop services. I would really love any input about the OR and what i should know for the interview thank you :)

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I just recently interviewed and got an OR job a few months ago so these are the biggest things

1) by FAR this is the single most important thing. Why do you want to be in the OR, whats important about being in the OR etc etc. The answer theyre looking for and will be most impressed with is to be a patient advocate. The patient cant advocate for themselves so its important you do etc etc

2) What do you know about the OR/circulating nurse/scrub nurse etc

3) How do you feel about being on call, able to get there and be ready to go in under 30 minutes

4) This is also pretty important. But new grad OR training is very expensive for a hospital and takes a LONG time (6~ months to maybe a year depending on your facility) So its important for them to know that youre going to be there for a long time. My hospital told us during our interviews that they expected us to sign a 4 year contract to remain with them because of how much an investment it was for them to hire/train us into the OR (they didnt actually make us sign any contracts, I think they just made it up as an interview tool to make sure people wanted to be there) so its definitely important for you to acknowledge your desire to remain their long term.

I think those are the biggest and most important things honestly.