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New Grad opportunities in Oregon

I'm graduating from a BSN program in California, but I'm interested in moving to Oregon. I know Portland new grad opportunities are pretty scarce, but what about outside Portland? Anyone know if some of the rural hospitals take new grads?

Salem Hospital recruits heavily, has a relocation package, offers mentoring as well as precepting, and offers loan repayment options (or at least they offered all of these in 2005).

twarlik specializes in CICu, ICU, med-surg.

Definitely look into Salem Hospital. I applied as a new grad moving from Florida in 2005 and received a call the next day. I was offered two positions, but ended up getting lucky and I got a job in Portland.

Good luck with you move!


twarlik specializes in CICu, ICU, med-surg.

Were you already licensed in Florida and/or Oregon when you applied?

No. I had applied for my Oregon license and was scheduled for the NCLEX when I interviewed.


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