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hello all

last year i posted how i was starting on a med surg unit as a new grad. it is now 11 months later and i took everyone's advice to stick it out. my year will be up in august and my new grad residency program will be over in September ( which i did not want to do & was not mentioned in my interview lol). Anyway this year was full of trials and tribulations, but nonetheless it was great experience. In april my med surg unit closed so i attempted to transfer to a women's health unit within the hospital. It took 2 months for the women's health manager to tell me no. As some of you have said before its possible for an internal transfer to be blocked ( which is what most likely happened ). I was trying to stay positive and hopeful. the unit that I'm on now is ok but the nurses are very territorial and many are not friendly. i notice that i get the first admit all the time depending on what seasoned nursing i work with. I notice that i will get two or more busy patients while everybody else is sitting down watching tv shows on their phones lol. All days are not bad and all days are not good. Im also pregnant Yippie!!! I still make sure i do my job and get things done. Sometimes i find myself doing to much because people don"t want to help out and i get tired of waiting. At times i do get stressed out but i know that i have to stay calm and centered for the sake of my body & baby. The hospital has a huge nursing shortage going on. They over work us and give us pizza to make up for it lol. I know that it is getting closer for my time to get out of there. I said all this to say if any of you have advise on trying to stay positive and stress free, i would love the advise or any stories of your own. thank you :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy--- remember to keep yourself sane and healthy :)

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