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I just wanted to get some feedback from seasoned nurses and other new grads like myself. I've been working as an RN for about 3 months now. I work on a cardiac stepdown unit and I just feel like I'm always a nervous wreck feeling like I'm missing something or forgetting to do something. I have been off orientation for about a month now and I feel like I am failing miserably as a nurse. I constantly remember things I forgot to do or forgot to chart on my way home or the next day. I get sick to my stomach on days I have to work because I know that I am going to be stressed for my whole shift.

Basically I was wondering if these feelings are normal and they will pass? I feel like I am constantly asking questions and worrying if I am calling the physicians on the right things and not dropping the ball on proper notifications for different events. I feel like I never know if I'm supposed to call the physician or not. My charge nurses advise me on whether to call or not, but sometimes I don't always agree with what they are advising me to do. Will this ever go away as time passes? What advice do you have to boost my confidence? I appreciate your feedback.

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Take a deep breath. Yes, these feelings are normal and will likely pass as you gain experience. General saying is that it takes about a year to get comfortable as a new nurse. And sometimes, that feeling starts all over again when starting a new job.


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Thank You. I just keep feeling like I'm going to screw up and lose my license and I've only just started. I'm hoping they pass because I truly feel like pursuing a different career if I keep feeling like this for years to come.

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It will get better. Sometime between 1-2 yrs, you will notice a confidence. Just approach everyday as a new learning experience. When you have doubts, get feedback from trusted coworkers. Good luck in your first year!