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I graduated in December 2015 with a BSN. Long story short my application was initially denied due to two DUIs I received prior to ever even being in nursing school. I am, of course, deeply regretful of these mistakes and I am a completely different person than I was 13 years ago. Anyhow, 9 months later, I have FINALLY been issued my license though I will be on probation for the next 3 years. I am just now beginning to apply for jobs.

My question is.... during the interview process, when would you share that your license is on probation? Initial interview? Second interview? I don't want these past indiscretions to define me. I am a nurse just like anyone else... I'm just a nurse that's being monitored a little closer by the BRN.

Anyone with experience in this situation, please respond. I'd also LOVE to hear some employment success stories too!

Thank you


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Are you required to share with potential employers in your state? Why haven't you done something to expunge the DUI's? I had a DUI in 1986 and thank goodness I'm an old nurse, because it was never a problem. In my state you can't expunge DUI's. The thing's so old I would be shocked if someone made a big deal about it. Hasn't the debt to society been paid?


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Yes they have been expunged for years. I have to disclose that I am on probation because my employer needs to sign off on a few things a few times a year and then that info gets sent back to the BRN as part of my monitoring. Employer HAS to know because essentially they are an active participant in my probation monitoring.

And I agree, my debt to society has been paid (many times over). However, CA BRN is one of the strictest and they believe I need to pay once again.

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