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I'm a newbie on the board, hope I don't screw something up. I'm going to be graduating in the spring of '07 with my BSN.

I'm really interested in NICU, loved my rotation there. There are a couple of hospitals in my area that will hire new grads straight into NICU, but I'm thinking of moving back to Oregon. Does anyone know of any hospitals in Oregon that will hire new grads straight into NICU, or should I get a year or two of NICU under my belt here before making the move?



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Welcome to the site! I saw that you also posted in the Oregon Nurses Forum, so hopefully between the two someone can advise you about Oregon NICU's.

Best of luck to you!

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Hi there and welcome to allnurses!! :)

Is the place in Oregon a fairly big city with some big teaching hospitals? If that's the case, then most likely they will hire new grads in the NICU. Also, you could look up different hospitals in the area and look on their website or get in touch with a recruiter and ask if they hire new grads into their NICU.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you both for your replies. I'm trying to relocate near my parents, both of whom are nearing 80 and are experiencing heart problems. I'd like to be closer. I may have to choose between being VERY close to them, or nearer a bigger city, but still close enough to be there in an hour or two. But again, thank you!!!

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