New grad with 8 months experience in Med/surg is Per diem work a good option?


Hi everyone,

So I graduated with BSN in 2011 and have 8 months of experience in Med/surg. Well I moved to a new city and have applied to every hospital/ position for the last 3 months. I have not been able to land a job. I am now processing my paperwork in two agencies. One of them has positions in a Skilled Nursing Facility. The other, which I am crossing my fingers I get, has a position in Med/surg. Any insight on working for an agency? Is it better than nothing or should I wait for a hospital job? Basically I am scared per diem in an agency will not benefit me in the long run. I really appreciate any insight. Eventually I would like to work for L&D, Peds, or NICU.

Specializes in Med/Surg,Cardiac. Has 1 years experience.

I'd definitely try for the med surg. Agency nurses are expected to hit the ground running and chances are that 8 months of experience hasn't prepared you for that. Hopefully you'll land the med surg. I'd take the agency position if the other doesn't work out though. You could atleast try it.

Thank you so much for your advice. Both positions are at an agency, including the one in Med-surg. I get what you mean about having to be ready to hit the ground running, definitely something for me to think about.