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New grad looking for new position after 6 months

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am a new grad nurse who has been working on a (very busy and very short staffed) trauma/med-surg unit for 6 months. From the time I’ve spent on the unit I’ve learned a lot and am doing well, but am finding that working as a nurse at the bedside just is not a good fit and is not something that I’m interested in doing long term.

The organization I work under has a position for an outpatient immediate care nurse position I am very interested in and would like to apply for, but don’t really know how to go about expressing my interest in the position. Is it something I discuss with HR? Is it something I speak with my own manager about? Should I talk to HR before submitting an application? 

Also, does it look bad on me as an employee that I am looking for a new position within the organization after only 6 months? My nurse friends tell me I should stay where I’m at and ‘pay my dues’ for another 6 months before moving on. But I honestly can’t picture myself there for another month, let alone another 6. 

Any advice you can give me is much appreciated. 

Dear New Grad,

You say you are doing well but it's not a good fit and you have a lack of interest.

Unless it's an unsafe or toxic environment, in other words, something really compelling, it's advised to stay at least a year. It doesn't reflect well to leave a position after 6 months.

An employer may wonder if you will lose interest again in a new setting.

If you qualify for and  decide to pursue the outpatient position, apply for the job and let your manager know you've applied. Your manager will be be notified by either HR or the outpatient manager, and you don't want her to be blindsided.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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