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Hi, I am a new grad thinking about relocating to NC....what is the nursing job market like in the triangle area (Raleigh/Durham, Chapel Hill, Durham)?



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The job market for new grads in the area have mixed reviews. I am a new grad and I have 2 interviews so far. Raleigh hospitals are not hiring new grads at the moment(I think there is a freeze on alot of positions). Not sure about Chapelhill or Duke. I live 25 minutes outside of raleigh and The hopsitals that I am interviewing at are smaller hospitals in the country.


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thanks for your post, it really helps to know why I'm not recieving any "call backs" from unc-ch hospital system, or wake med. I thought, since I was an out of state grad, my chances were slim, but i guess its the economy...

anyway..good luck with your interviews, im sure you'll do great..


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unc healthcare lists new graduate positions in both the burn center and the newborn critical care center. these positions are identified as "clinical nurse i/tier i" positions.

although duke nursing does not specifically identify new graduate positions, some of the individual job postings note that experience is not required.

when you contact these facilities make sure that you are speaking with nurse recruiting and not the general employment office.

good luck in your job search.

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