New grad looking for first job in Singapore! Is it possible?

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I will be completing my degree this May from Texas and am looking for work abroad. Is this possible? Living in Singapore has been my dream for while. Any advice, suggestions, or recommendation are welcome!


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Hi Monica,

I’m surprise that you want to work in Singapore! I used to work in Singapore for 5 years before coming to US (Kentucky). I’m not sure about the process for a foreign nurse to get a license and job in Singapore but US do recognise my Diploma in Nursing (which equivalent to Associate Degree in Nursing in US).

This is my 2nd year in US and I have been working with 1 hospital here only at the moment. But I can tell you, it’s kinda similar with the care and management. If you have been working in US, I don’t see why you can’t cope in the hospital in SG.

Best of luck!


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Don't know anything about nursing in Singapore, however a friend of mine lived there for 5 years and adored it.

I would say a good place to start is always the nursing regulatory body in the country you're interested in:

Good luck.

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