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new grad licensing requirements in PA


Hey everyone,

I'll be graduating from a BSN program in North Carolina in December, and I'm planning on moving to Philadelphia for employment (fingers crossed, it's in the works as I write this!). I'm having lots of trouble figuring out the requirements for getting my initial licensure in Pennsylvania. I've been on the website and found forms to apply to take the NCLEX, but I didn't find any information on background checks/fingerprinting or what else might be required. Can anyone offer me a check list or information that might facilitate the process? Can any of these things be done out-of-state, or are they particular that they be done in state? What if I don't yet have state residency? And would there be any reason for me to also apply for a temporary permit?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get this straight early since I hear it can take a long time to get processed... THANK YOU! :bow:

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