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New Grad/licensed first job as Remote Triage RN


Hello everyone,

Hope this message finds everyone in good health during these trying times. I was recently licensed as an RN and have landed a Remote Triage RN position via my network as my first job, allowing me to work from home. It is to my understanding that remote triage offers algorithms, policy, and procedures, however, they only serve as guides and do not substitute for critical thinking/assessment skills to effectively and timely triage patients.

I want to ask if anyone on here reading this landed their first job as a remote triage nurse and is it possible to manage in the beginning; and if you may share any tips or transparent advice. Any insight is much appreciated.

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development. Has 10 years experience.

This is not a position I would consider even remotely appropriate for a new grad. What kind of orientation are you getting?

Hi Nurse SMS

I appreciate your response and candor. It came to my attention that the job posting was re-clarified as a Health Assessor RN, which involves calculating health risk assessments, verifying medical history, and current health/wellness needs, providing telephonic education and creating problem lists with their care plans all done remotely from home. I appreciate your willingness to respond and be transparent.

Hey, I was just wondering how you got this position as a new grad? Did you have any previous hospital experience or something that stuck out on a resume?