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New Grad Jobs in DC


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My boyfriend is interviewing with the FBI, and we might end up moving to DC if he gets hired. I don't graduate until May 2010, so I'm sure the job prospects will be different by then, but I know it can be challenging to find new grad RN positions in many parts of the country. How is it in DC right now? What are the odds of finding a critical care position as a new grad? I'm from Cleveland, and while there are still jobs here for new grads, ICU positions are much harder to come by.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

I am a new grad and new to the DC/MD area; I find that hospitals look favorable to new grads with prior icu exp obtained while still in nursing school or shortly thereafter. These positions are very competitive and fill fast. At a recent nursing job fair, hospital recruiters informed me that they first fill there icu slots with new grads who worked as nursing externs at their particular hospital, then look to nursing students who worked as externs at other hospitals, but unfortunately most positions fill up before they get to the second batch of nursing students. Also, I find that students apply for these positions way way in advance of graduation, because they have been working as an student extern ( which is very popular in this region) all through out nursing school. I hope this helps.

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