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Hi! I'm a recent graduate of an accelerated nursing program. I am totally set on working at Westchester Medical Center. I'm most interested in NICU/Peds/OB. I went to school in upstate New York and received a handful of job offers in the NICU/L&D/New grad programs. When I'm applying to WMC I'm not hearing anything. All of the L&D jobs I've applied for (over a month ago) have not been updated. The NICU jobs were declined. And the Peds jobs closed. I haven't passed my boards yet, is this why? I'm worried I'm going to define my job offers up here, move down there then not be able to get a job. I've reached out to recruitment numerous times and haven't heard anything. Is anybody here a NGN at WMC? Or knows somebody that is? Any advice? I'm just praying once I pass my boards I'll get the job. 

I've had a similar experience and I passed the boards. Peds you can't get into unless you have experience, same with NICU- this is at the majority of hospitals. But the L&D they had like tons of positions up and I've heard from no one. I applied months ago and never heard anything. I ended up mass applying to all their Medsurg/Medicine floors just trying to get my foot into the door and I've been declined on all of them or the Job reqs were closed. And I know for fact they are short staffed in L&D. I don't know if they just don't hire new grads or what the issue is. They only have one nurse recruiter the entire hospital. Two of my classmates who work there had an 'in' with knowing someone and unfortunately they have no pull to help me out. But I feel like it's odd they call themselves a training hospital and yet I don't know a lot of new grads who get in there. I've resigned myself to another hospital to at least get experience and then try again. 

The recruiter is apparently not good at getting back to anyone. I have emailed her and messaged her on LinkedIn. Forget filling out that walk on interview questionnaire form because no one responds. And also they won't look at you until you do pass the NCLEX. You aren't considered as a candidate without a license. 

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