New grad interview for med surg position


I have an interview Friday at a busy hospital. The position is for nights on a med surg floor. Can anyone help me with interview questions? Like types of questions they may ask, scenarios. I know my strength and weaknesses will probably come up, i know i have weaknesses, just not sure what would be good answer and how to make it positive. Anything will be helpful since this is my first interview ever. Pleaseee help! Thanks in advance!

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I'm sure there are threads somewhere with more help, but I sit in on interviews and hear what my boss will ask.

First of all, I think it's ok to have weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. I think admitting and realizing you do have weaknesses goes a long way in the interview. It's how you deal with them is what will or won't impress the person interviewing.

Ok..questions I have heard...

How would you handle a CNA that is insubordinate?

If a co worker isn't pleasant to work with, how would handle that?

A pt crashes with XYZ...tell me what you would do?

Tell me about a time where you had a good patient outcome.

One thing that is a deal breaker for my boss is somebody never asking questions about the facility, ratio etc.

Act like you want to work at this facility because you believe in it. Not because it's 'just a job'.

Know the history of the organization, down to the mission statement. Managers like stuff like that. :)

Good luck!

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Good list of possible questions.

I was asked several of those and about what I would do if I witnessed an employee stealing supplies.

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I was asked once, describe a difficult scenario that you had with a patient/coworker, and the steps you took to resolve it.