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New Grad interview for ER


Hi! I'm a new grad and I have an interview in the ER. I am doing my final preceptorship in emerg, and am comfortable with the environment & types of patients. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on scenario type questions that one can be asked in the ER.. so that I feel more prepared.

Well, I think one question you will definitely be asked and it's a very important question is, "Why should I hire you?" Think about why they should hire you over someone with more experience. Sell yourself. They won't expect you to know everything. You're a new grad. Highlight your strengths in nursing school and clinicals.. things you were commended on by instructors, situations that you shined in, etc.

I've done interviews and the questions are similar. I'm comfortable with those ones.

My question was more directed towards the scenario types of questions that could be asked.


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Like brainkandy said: If you sell yourself on the "normal" interview questions like why should we hire you, you should do well. The scenario questions are based on critical thinking... if this happens, then what would you do?... then what... then what?... etc. They aren't expecting you to know everything.

Most of my scenario questions in my ED interview centered around angry patients. I honestly don't recall any scenario ones about what to do if X is happening with a patient, more about how to handle the fact that people often expect first come, first served experiences in the ED and that's not how we work at all. So think about situations where you had to deal with difficult patients and family members and how you handled that.

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What do you know about our hospital, and our emergency department? (your on your own with this, research!)

What/How did you handle the stress of Nursing School? exercise, your hobbies, your groups, (allnurses)

Name me one challenge you have had in clinical, and how did you handle it? use details!!! use exact examples!!!

Have you ever had to break a rule or policy to achieve a task? (always answer NO!) trick question.

Why do you want to be an Emergency Room Nurse? (butter them up! "My heroes have always been ER Nurses!

Do you work well with variable and multiple personality types? (you kiddin' give me a borderline nurse!)

How do you deal with direct uncensored criticism? (I invite it for breakfast)

What would you say are your weakest and strongest skill? (on your own).

What is the most important duty of a nurse? (safety, safety, safety, safety, safety, and then more safety).

Where do you see youself in 5 years? (still growing here at this facility) turn-over question (Never say, "I'd like your job.")joke

And if you have to take one of those computerized personality tests, where you agree or disagree 1-5, 5=strongly agree

(the point is don't be wishy washy, strongly agree or strongly disagree- don't be unsure of anything!). These tests are designed to pick-up honesty vs. dishonesty, character strength, and decision skills, once you make a decision, it will try to get you to change your mind, or make "exeptions," don't. Lots of hospitals are using these programs during the hiring process or orientation.

BostonTerrierLover, BSN, RN

Specializes in Adult/Ped Emergency and Trauma. Has 16 years experience.

Most Important 2.

Tell me about yourself. Keep it brief

Why should I hire you? I have 42 applications for 2 New Grad positions.