New Grad - Interview coming up, Not sure if I should mention this in the interview

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Hey guys,

I have an interview coming up later this week. I applied to this facility when I just graduated in May. They called me today for an interview. So happy!

However, I have already accepted a PRN position at a child/adolescent facility. I have been doing orientation there since last week. The orientation has been orientation to the facility itself, all employees go through that orientation. Learning safety techniques, communication techniques, etc. I haven't started my nursing orientation yet. I will have separate nursing orientation in the clinic starting this weekend.

Should I mention the PRN job on the interview? I don't have any real psych nursing experience yet so to speak, so wondering if its even worth it to mention it at all. This job would be a full time job at an adult psych hospital so I'm hoping it all goes well and I can do that full time and still do PRN at the child/teen facility.

I appreciate your suggestions. Thank You.

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Congratulations on your newly acquired position. Good luck, in advance, on the full time position. My opinion is that your answer should be dependent on the type on interview questions they ask. If you did not have experience prior to applying for that full time position, the facility still saw something in you worth interviewing you for. If the question comes up regarding any experience you have acquired since you have applied, I would then bring up the prn position. I would not, however, bring up in detail that you are currently orienting. For example, my answer would probably go something like "I recently acquired a PRN position at a child/adolescent facility to better aquaint myself with some of the things I would deal with if I were to gain a position at your facility. I felt it necesssary to get my feet wet because I did not want to walk in here blindsided, although I am sure your orientation process would prepare me well."

I would not really go into detail about the position if you have zero experience. Prematurely mentioning the prn job can be a setback for you. Use it to your advantage only if it is inferred. Again, congratulations and good luck!

Thanks SweetPEI, that makes sense.

Update: I got the job! The hours may end up conflicting with my schedule at my PRN job so I'm trying to figure out how to navigate that. My PRN job pays more but I think this is a better opportunity and I will get to see more and do more and work with a wider population.

Its a psych hospital with child/teens/adults/geri/detox/eating disorders and they do ECT. I am so excited. They are only taking 4-5 new grads for their new grad training program so I feel so fortunate to be one of them.

Specializes in (Nursing Support) Psych and rehab.

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm happy for you, whatever you decide!!

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