New Grad - How much money to ask for?


I'm a new RN looking for my first RN position in California (LA / South Bay areas). I've been an LPN in LTC (but out of state) for 5 years. I'll also have my BSN in about a month. When applying to LTC, most ask what hourly rate I'm expecting. I'm not sure what to put, and have been stating "Negotiable" or leaving it blank.

What is a reasonable amount to ask for, or to accept if I'm offered a position?

Is there a difference between RN vs. BSN rates in LTC in California?

Thank you all.

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Search for the salary thread here.

If asked, I would phrase a response with something like...what do you normally pay for a RN, BSN with XXX amount of clinical experience? At 20% to what they offer and negotiate from there.

Keep in mind that your hourly rate is only a single metric in your compensation package. Vacation, 401k contributions, stock options, etc are all super important.


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I'm not sure about LTC, but in the hospital where I'm working at (bay area) the nurses are unionized. We have a set rate for certain years of experience. You can search online via or the salary thread that PP mentioned. If you're still unsure just say negotiable

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Thank you, Aystole and Peihan. I appreciate the info.