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Hello everyone, I need advice. I am a new graduate, and I am not sure what specialty is for me. I enjoyed my tele and nicu rotation. I received an offer for a tele position. the pay is extremely good because it is in LA County, and Nicu position is extremely low. 

I do not mind working with adults or children, which I believe is why I am having a hard time deciding. I am really afraid of the unknown if I do not like the residency. Any advise? Both residencys have a good amount of residency 1 year. 

Do you have an offer for the NICU position?  Do you need to start right away? Do you need to make top dollar?

You are comparing two completely different specialties. 

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NICU, and any specialty with kids, is almost always going to pay less because a lot of people want to work with babies and kiddos and they know they don't have to pay as much. If you don't absolutely feel like you MUST work NICU or with children, then I'd pick an adult specialty and make it easier on yourself. 

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