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New grad with other HC experience

Specializes in L&D, infusion, urology.

Any other new grads with a variety of other healthcare experience? How have you worked this in on your resume? How much of your clinical rotations have you included?

I've found some per diem work, doing infusions and health fairs, and I'll be doing flu clinics this season with a few agencies, so I have a bit of RN experience now, with multiple employers. It's new but I definitely want to include all of this, including descriptions, even if brief. My prior experiences as a Navy corpsman and phlebotomist I go into on my resume. My experiences as a first responder, lactation specialist, and nursing skills lab manager I tend to omit, but simply mention in my cover letter (the first responder experience was many years ago, and the skills lab work was only for a few months before nursing school).

Without making my resume 15 pages long, I want to include what's pertinent, but I understand the importance of brevity. A lot of what I did as a corpsman relates to nursing, and I listed out a lot. I've since created a few resumes for specific positions so that I can thin out what doesn't relate to that particular position.

I'm trying to land a hospital position, ideally either in ER or L&D/postpartum, so I have resumes for each of those.

Any input is appreciated!


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