New Grad, First official day working as RN tommorow


First of all I want to say that I love AN. This site was my break away from the chaos of nursing school. Thank you all!

Tommorow begins my nursing career. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I graduated Sept. 28th and have been blessed to find a job on a busy Med-Surg/Tele unit.

My question is can you share helpful advice that will help me on my first day? I was fortunate enough to complete 30 clinical hours on this particular unit, so I am very thankful for that.

Thank you in advance!!!


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Don't be too nervous. Don't be too sure of's dangerous and doesn't endear you. Be helpful. Be willing to do stuff. Jump in and volunteer. Ask questions. Ask your preceptor for feedback.


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Congratulations on obtaining your first job as a new nurse!!! What a great accomplishment.

I moved your thread to First Year after Nursing Licensure where I think you will get more response. You might want to read through some of the other threads in this forums for words of encouragement.

Good luck on your first day!!!

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Congratulations and good luck tomorrow!

My advice as a new grad, is to ENJOY YOUR ORIENTATION! Don't let them kick you out too early. :) Ask lots of questions, be willing to learn. Help out where you can. Don't be afraid to be confident, just don't be OVER confident.

Good luck!


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Thank you everyone! I will keep your advice with me tommorow. Time for bed. Will post how my day goes.

Thank you again

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Good luck! Go in with a positive attitude and open mind that's willing to learn. I agree with the others, seem confident, but not like a know-it-all and not closed to feedback. You will do great. Ask any question that comes to your mind.


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I had a really good day. I was confident, but didnt want to appear like a know it all. I was always very cautious to ensure pt safety. My preceptor was very nice. Thank you for all the good advice!!