New Grad Dialysis?


HI there, just wondering if any of you are new grads hired directly into Dialysis, I ahve some questions! I did an Externship on an Ortho/Neuro floor, and still work there Per Diem so I do have some hospital background. I alkso have some blood banking experience. I know floor nursing is not my forte.

1 As a new grad, which Dialysis companies have the best/most thourough training?

2. How is the pay/benefits?

3. Do you feel safe in your practice w/o a year of med surg?

4. WIll you stay in Dialysis?

5. Do you work at a center? Or at th Hosptial?

6. Any companies better than others to work for?

7. Any recommendations on palaces that hire & train new grads in Dialysis?

I am not opposed to moving, so any info would be appreciated.


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I see there are no replies. I'm thinking about this specialty too after i have at least 1 yr ICU exp.

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I'm a former dialysis nurse. I would not recommend that a new grad enter this specialty without at least one year of acute care experience. Although you will typically get a fairly thorough orientation to dialysis, this does not include an orientation to the many general nursing skills you need as a new grad (especially relevant for dialysis: assessment, med knowledge, exposure to comorbidities such as diabetes). Also, after your orientation you may be the only RN and/or charge nurse, which is not a good place for a new grad.

For much more on this topic, do a search in this forum; there have been many threads.

Best of luck to you,


P.S. Once you have at least a year of acute care, I can recommend dialysis! I would probably still do it if it weren't for the hours (having to get up at 0400 is not good for a night owl like me!)


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Hi did you ever get a job in dialysis?