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New grad currently work as a carer feeling scare to start working as a nurse:/

Kessie Kessie (New) New

Hi i am a new grad who is feeling quite anxious and scared to start working as a nurse. I have been registered since the end of last year! Is it normal to be scared? i work as a carer and everytime i go to work i always say to myself i really need to be working as a nurse & when i go home i just keep putting off applying for a nursing job. Any advice would really help

thanks k

I am only a CNA but from what I hear you need to start very soon looking for a job or employers might pass you up because you've had your licence for so long and have not had any experience.

What about it all is scaring you? If it is working in those big hospitals, would working in a less demanding area be right for you, and then when you have worked a little while you confidence will be better to going for a hospital job. What about working in home care retirement villages LTCs places that help with theapys and recovery from surgery.

The sooner you take that leap of faith and get a job the better otherwise you might be seen as unemployable and all that hard work and money you put into this will be for nothing. I'd hate to see that happen to you.