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New Grad during COVID-19?


Hey everyone!

Any new grads noticing start dates being pushed back or orientation cancelled due to COVID? I am scheduled to start my job in August and I am worried that the COVID pandemic may push back my start, since it may be an unwise use of resources to utilize experienced nurses to orient new grads while a global pandemic is occurring. While I understand, I can't help but be bummed!

Has anyone heard anything from their hospitals? Are most hospitals doing this?

I live in Los Angeles, California, and the hospital where I was supposed to start residency program in May had to close it and push the starting date to some time in the future. There are a few more posts on this forum that mention the same thing.

I tried to apply to a residency program in New Mexico, a state with lower COVID-19 cases, and recently recieved an email from a recruiter which mentioned that their program will begin in September. It looks like some hospitals are being more optimistic than others.

I am scheduled to start in July, it is really stressing me out because I wish I could just start now and help out. I spoke with HR 2 weeks ago and they said my start date will not change, but that was also 2 weeks ago and things seem to change by the hour at this point.

It seems that demands have changed drastically in the past few weeks. Majority of hospitals are preparing for surge and want to hire people that will help ASAP.

I think Sharp HealthCare website outlines the current needs of majority of the hospitals"


... If you are an experienced RN, LVN, Respiratory Care Practitioner, we need you. If you are a RN working in a non-clinical role, retired RN, or Respiratory Care Student, we need you as well. ..."

This seems to match so closely what I have read on this forum.

I don't match any of these criteria, but I decided to look for any opportunites that come my way rather than sitting and waiting for things to get better.

I am sure that eventually they will find a place for nursing students and new grads rather than just letting them hang in there.