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New Grad Chicago

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Hey everyone,

New grad (BSN) as of December 2009. Looking to move back to my hometown of Chicago after spending 4 and a half years in Florida for school. I've been searching and searching for jobs in the Chicagoland area but I haven't had much luck. I've really been trying to get hired at Rush or UIC. Does anyone know of any hospitals besides Rush and Advocate that are willing to hire new grads before or even after licensure. BTW I will be taking the NCLEX in February and passing it first go round (claiming it!!). Thanks in advance for any input!:yeah::nurse:


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I don't know if anyone hires before licensure anymore. I know my hospital doesn't because there were too many problems with people overstepping their legal boundaries prior to licensure, and too many failures. I'm in the Chicago suburbs. My hospital is not hiring new grads right now because we've been low census for almost 6 months. Things just started to pick back up the last couple of weeks. Good luck to you!

Hi, I am not sure if NMH still hires license-pending, but I know they do hire new grads. It is a great place to work.

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Congrats to you ! :)

You might try searching for info in your state forum here, and asking questions there as well, to perhaps narrow it down and receive more answers.

Wish you the best !

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in IL, you can no longer work license pending. You can go to orientation, paperwork, class, etc....but you must have passed NCLEX. before pt care you have to have your license in hand.

Good luck to you, I am in the state of virginia, hampton roads and also graduated in december of 2009 and passed my boards in december and still have not had one interview.


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Not to discourage you, but jobs here are still hard to find for new grads. I recommend staying in Florida for a year and working there before moving back here. I see postings for nurses with experience all the time (even 1 year of experience) but new grads are a different story.