new grad- cath lab interview help


I have an interview tomorrow for a cath lab position in a nurse residency program.

What can I expect as a new nurse in a cath lab? What would my duties be?

Any clue as to some interview questions I might receive?

Any help is appreciated!



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It is highly unusual to have a Cath lab consider a new grad RN. Awesome opportunity to interview. I would brush up on rythym recognition. And think about if you can handle being on-call a lot of the time. It's required. Good luck on your interview. If hired, the learning curve is very steep but you can succeed.

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Hey there!  I started in the cath lab as a new grad as well!  Been here about a year now and seriously can't see myself doing anything else.  It's so fun!  I've done about 5 interviews with other cath labs across the country and was offered jobs at all of them. This is my experience.  I would suggest getting the cardiac catheterization handbook by Morton Kern. You could mention this on your interview.  It shows your dedicated, you can talk about what your currently reading up on.  Also learn the heart pressures SVC, RA, RV, PA ,PCWP, LV AO.  Check out what an impella is and how it works maybe look up CPO and PAPI calculations,  understand your vasopressers and inotropes, dosing and indications, maybe brush up on cardiogenic shock management. Maybe look up how to do moderate sedation. All of this stuff might be talked about in your interview. If you can speak to this stuff a bit it will show your a fast leaner and eager to adapt to the CCL.  Also they may ask about how you work under pressure and how you work as a team member. Be ready to give an example or two about a time you had an emergency and how you dealt with it.  Also look up some catheter names,  JL4, JR4, AL1 AR1, Pig tail, if you can talk about these catheters it will show your a fast leaner and enthusiastic about the CCL. Your ambition and drive is going to be your selling point because you don't know anything yet so showing them that you are teachable,  smart, cool under pressure and eager will go a long way! Best of luck.