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Hi all! New grad here considering accepting a Summer camp position for only four weeks with 2 sessions in a day of about 30-50 campers at a time and 25 staff (Grades 1-7) and would like any advice you may have. This is the first year they will have a camp nurse due to COVID (EMT’s only prior to COVID) Considering I am a new grad, do you feel it is safe to be the only RN at the camp? Please leave any suggestions/feedback for a newbie! ?

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As an experienced BSA Health Officer (which usually only requires a EMR/EMT depending on remoteness) overseeing ~700 campers and ~150-200 staff, I would want to consider a few things on your behalf:

  1. Are you the sole health officer? I've been Health and Safety Director with a new-grad RN as my other health officer, but she had me to fall back on.
  2. What is your role? Are you there specifically to be an RN, or did the camp increase the certification required without changing the job description?
  3. How comfortable are you with managing minor/major trauma and acute emergencies? Most situations at camp are scrapes, twisted ankles, and glorified dehydration...but the only times I've used an Epi-Pen were at camp, and the first time I diagnosed appendicitis (unofficially - I was still an NP student at the time) was for a patient who walked into my Health Lodge.

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Thanks for your input! I have been a camp nurse for 6 weeks now and fortunately, the only emergencies were a broken wrist and laceration needing 6 stitches. I am the only nurse but have an amazing camp director! COVID has also made it possible to only have 50 campers at a time (morning separate from afternoon) instead of 270. Now I'm off to the Operating Room. Thanks again!


How was your overall experience being a new grad camp nurse? I'll also be working as a camp nurse/health supervisor at a girl scout camp, and I'll be the only nurse there.

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