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I graduate January 16th, 2016....technically 7 months from now. When is the best time to start looking for and applying for jobs. I live out in southern California, and I know that in some of the hospitals that I have done my clinical rotations at, the hospital does not require you to have your license to begin working. Any advice?

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It's always a great idea to make sure you're 'in the loop' for information about any sort of new grad opportunities in the hospitals where your clinicals are located. However, in my part of the world, hospital hires are contingent upon passing NCLEX due to all the 'issues' that occur if they don't pass. Basically, if NCLEX is failed, the new grad is no longer eligible to function as a 'graduate nurse' so all RN training has to cease.... and the grad is slotted into an unlicensed position until NCLEX is passed. So it's just a mess - very disheartening for the new grad & awkward for the hiring manager who may not have any CNA/UAP slots available.

Bottom line? Network like crazy. Make sure everyone knows your name & how much you would LOVE to work there! Take NCLEX as soon as you can. Best of luck on your job hunt.


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You can start applying even before you have your license. There's lots of new Graf oppertunitis and don't miss out on them! Google new grad residencies.


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Well, now I am only 5 months away. When should I start applying for those residencies? I don't want to get too anxious and start applying too early lol


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Okay, so you are saying that I should wait until after I take and pass my NCLEX before applying anywhere?


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Definitely start the application process before you graduate. From what I've seen, the new graduate programs are competitive and tough to get in to. However, where I live, the new grads are conditionally hired. Meaning the offer is placed but the graduate must pass NCLEX before they start. Here, the residency applications for the December/January are due in October. Good luck!