New Excelsior student, about to sign up for A&P, what to expect.


Hello, I'm about to sign up for A&P and don't know what to expect. Will they require us to buy a specific book? Which one?

Is the course 8 week then take a test?

I recently applied, got accepted, will use post 9/11 gi bill for paramedic to rn. I haven't signed up for any classes yet or spoken with councilors, but will this week.

Just curious which book they prefer you use, and how the online program works. Thanks for any advice.


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I took A&P with excelsior and used studygroup 101 (which you can get directly from their website) and the practice tests to prepare. Didn't take the course, studied on my own and tested. I've taken A&P prior so it was more a review for me.

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If you look on the EC bookstore page, you will find all of the recommended textbooks per course or exam once you select the course/exam title. Here is the ISBN taken from the bookstore for the A&P course, parts I and II: 978-0-8036-2256-2. Good luck with the program!